Why Root LG G5?

Many of you may have a lot of questions on why anyone would want to root their LG G5.  This article shold help those of you who cannot find a good reason to root their phone.

First off, what does root mean?  Rooting LG G5 will basically give the user full admin access to it, just like running software using admin access on your computer.   Contrary to belief, rooting does not increase vulnerabilities on your phone, it simply gives the user full controls so they can do whatever they’d like such as install custom software, backup apps, enable locked WiFi tether and much much more.

Another good example is when the LG G5 is no longer supported by LG in a few years.  I have my old LG G3 which is probably not going to get updates after Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.  Even though Marshmallow is available for the G3, it’s much better to install custom Marshmallow ROM, which converts the phone into a Nexus device with much faster performance and better battery life.  When LG G5 reaches such a point, those of you who have a rooted phone will easily be able to upgrade their phone and make the phone last much longer with more new and useful features.

I could probably go on and on about how rooting your LG G5 can benefit you but the best way to approach this is to experience rooting LG G5 yourself.  Once you root, you will never go back to running boring stock firmwares that are bloated and laggy.   So my question to yiu is, “why haven’t you rooted your LG G5 yet?  Do you like not having control over your life?”

Max Lee

Max Lee is founder of LGG5Root.com. He is dedicated to making easy-to-follow tutorials on rooting various different Android devices including the LG G5.

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  1. Nicolas Matonti says:

    Hey Max wanted to know if there are any good apps for the G5 camera when rooted. I read about rooting it but havent seen any apps realted to camera improvement. Any suggestion i will appreciate. Thanks!

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